Unit 2 How to use Tag Question 





1.    ǹ˹ǹѧ١蹴ͧ Comma (,)

2.    ǹ˹繺͡ ǹѧ繻ʸ

She is an American, isnt she?

3.    ǹ˹繻ʸ ǹѧ繺͡

She wont be too late, will she?

4.    Ҿɷǹѧ ǡѺջҡǹ˹

You cant help him, can you?

5.    ǹ˹աҾǹѧ Verb to do Ҫ 駹ӹ֧֧

    Tense ǹǴ

    He drinks coffee, doesnt he?

    I studied English, didnt I?

6.    иҹǹѧٻ Pronoun 

Peter sings a song, doesnt he?

7.    has, have 繡ѡ դ has,

    have Verb to do ǹѧ

She has a beautiful doll, hasnt / doesnt she?

        դ Ք Verb to do Ҫ

        He has lunch at 12 ocock, doesnt he?  (has = eat)

        She has to wait for you, doesnt she ?   (has to = must)

        I have my car washed, dont I ?           (have = cause)

        Dale often has his haircut on Friday, doesnt he?    (has = cut)

8.    used to didnt ǹѧ

They used to live there, didnt they?

9.    óշջ¤ǹ˹բͤԧʸ never, seldom, rarely, hardly


He never goes to the temple, does he?

She hardly drinks coffee, does she?

10.                       һ¤˹Ң鹵鹴 There is, There are, There was

    There were  ǹ Tag there

There is a pen in your bag, isnt there?

There were two boys in the room, werent there?